Course Guide

Par 30 – 1598 Yards

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Hole 1
Par 4 – 320 Yards – Index 1
This is anything but an easy start. With 4 water hazards and 2 bunkers, not to mention anything right being ‘out of bounds’. Making a par at this hole will give you great confidence for the rest of your round.
Hole 2
Par 3 – 170 Yards – Index 5
A hole where everything slopes from right to left and possibly the hardest green on the course to hit, meaning a good short game is key to making a good score here.
Hole 2 green
Hole 3
Par 3 -154 Yards -Index 2
A water hazard approximately 20 yards short of the green means there is a option to either lay up short of the hazard, or try and hit a tight green off the tee. Going for the green brings into play the out of bounds which is just 5 yards left of the green and 10 yards behind.
Hole 3
Hole 4
Par 3 – 99 Yards – Index 8
Sounds easy … A well positioned bunker, and anything long taking par out of the equation, this short but challenging hole, can really test your game.
Hole 5
Par 3 – 127 Yards – Index 7
The most accessible green on the course, but a blind tee shot makes picking an aim line difficult. Be mindful of the bunker left of the green. Make your par then take in the breathtaking views.
Hole 6
Par 4 – 244 Yards – Index 3
Safest option is to lay up at the marker post, this then gives a great view over the valley and onto the green. This hole is also an opportunity to make a good score, the green is accessible off the tee, but anything other than straight down the middle means trouble.
Hole 7
Par 3- 132 Yards – Index 6
A McKenzie green that can make for some very interesting pin positions. Anything right is out of bounds, but a great opportunity to make a par or even better.
hole 7 green
Hole 8
Par 4- 240 Yards – Index 4
Once again take a minute on the tee to take in the views, looking over Preston, Blackburn and on clear days The Lake District in the distance.
The water hazard at the top of the brow means this is another hole that gives options off the tee. Laying up gives a great view of the green, but then from here finding the green takes a precise shot. Playing for the green off the tee makes for a much easier 2nd shot in, but again anything right is out of bounds. This hole is very much risk reward.
Hole 9
Par 3 – 112 Yards – Index 9
The stroke index suggests this should be an easy finish, but fail to hit the putting surface and there is a high chance you could be in the sand. With two large bunkers protecting the front of the green and a deep bunker behind punishing anything over hit. Finding the putting surface off the tee is key.